My vision is to add value to others through my creative content and communications. I would like to provide cautionary tales, hacks, and shortcuts that allow others to make positive changes and steps forward in their lives. I would like to inspire a network of like-journeying individuals to empower themselves and to better their own lives and the lives of others.

Pretty cool, huh?

I feel I have interesting and entertaining stories and viewpoints. I’ve decided to break into writing despite all the reasons not to. I’ll just make my passion a habit and start clocking those mastery hours. I expect to improve greatly in quality, content, and context and I am glad to have you along with me for the journey.

I am blessed to reside close to the mountains in beautiful, sunny, and dry Colorado. Adventures can be found mere feet from my doorstep. I enjoy outdoor sports, exercise, and traditional Chinese Kung Fu. I love the beach and anywhere else I can sit and be by the water. I love yummy healthy foods and bitter espresso beverages. A gnarly sweet tooth keeps me from eating too healthily, but everyone needs a vice or two to keep us real.

I read science fiction, fantasy, and self-improvement books. My all time favorite book is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I like independent and small label hip hop and indie rock and electronic music.

If I was a band I would be Phantogram. Vinyl sounds the best of all the music playing methods, but I try not to buy too many records. I am a recovering material goods collector and am currently working to reduce the consumption and clutter in my life.

I live with my lovely wife who wears many hats including editor, advisor, stylist, and personal chef. I could not possibly express enough gratitude for the value she adds to my life.

Our precocious daughter brightens my days through her excitement over the simplest things in life. It’s through her that I am continually learning patience, love, and wonder.

If you are reading this I appreciate the time you take to do it. I am happy we have found each other.

Feel free to reach out to me with the link below with any questions, comments, or any writing opportunities.