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Moving On Minute 7-7-20: On Getting Older

I’m getting old. As they hear me say that, folks over fifty, sixty, and seventy reply, That’s nothing, you whipper-snapper. You have plenty of time left before you’re old like me. But I wore a fanny pack out in public yesterday. And I hadn’t worn one since the late 1980s or early ’90s, when I was […]

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Moving On Minute 5-19-20: Remembering The Bright Side

I’ve understood the inherent force that is positivity for a long time now. Relentless optimism, generosity, smiling; they all carry such tremendous weight. Unfortunately I’ve been spending too much time lately giving in to the dark side and negativity. It’s because of this I decided to write this week’s Moving On Minute. I wanted to share […]


Grit Inspired by the Charles Portis novel TRUE GRIT What is grit? Physically it’s loose particles of sand and stone. Think coarse sandpaper or the sand inside a bathing suit after a visit to the beach. Used to describe a person, grit’s not as obvious or straightforward. Simply put, it’s strength of character. Courage. Resolve. […]

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What Are We Really Complaining About?

Many people are confused about the new world we are entering into. Many more are afraid and are being misled. Pictures show armed protesters at capital buildings across the country. Footage can be seen of healthcare workers embattled with them as well as government employees donning bullet-proof vests. Locally, many are scoffing social distancing and […]


You are the storm, So cold and so beautiful. You are the frigid icy blizzard, The breeze that pushes the pine’s branches leaving clouds of white dust behind. You darken the sky; The haze that blocks out light . You never come when you’re wanted, like on Christmas. Instead you show up in spring when […]

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Moving On Minute 3-31-20: All This Time!

Just a few months ago no one had time for anything! People used to say things like, “I never spend enough time at home!” or “I’m just too busy!” That was only a handful of weeks ago. Currently strict stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders (as well as the self-quarantine and social distancing efforts of those of […]

What I’m Afraid Of

What am I afraid of? Am I afraid of a virus that I don’t understand, or truly know anything about? A virus, that should I contract, inhale, or ingest, may suck to have, but likely won’t kill me? A virus I’ll pass on to my wife and child, but they’ll probably survive it too? Am […]

Pandemic Pandemonium

Pandemic Pandemonium Written by John Andreula Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk You hear coughing up the aisle you’re walking down. It’s coming from the blonde woman a little ways up. You head down one of the adjacent aisles feeling like you dodged a contagion bullet. Immediately those videos you’ve seen of the wide and distant […]

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How to Create a Better World

Written by John Andreula Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk I remember being young and thinking the world was one messed up place. Discrimination, pollution, poverty and war were just some of what formed my pessimistic worldview. I contemplated that humans deserved whatever they got for being such neglectful and damaging stewards of such an amazing […]


The Definitive Definition of Wealth

What is wealth? Merriam-Webster defines wealth as: Abundance of valuable material possessions or resources. Investopedia states wealth is determined by taking the total market value of all physical and intangible assets owned, then subtracting all debts. By either standard, many people are already relatively wealthy, but does living up to these definitions make someone truly wealthy? The archaic and obsolete definitions […]

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Moving On Minute 2-25-20: The Time To Not Help

It’s frustrating having someone you are attempting to help refuse your assistance. Whether delivering kind words, advice based on life experience, or physical aid, some people just don’t want your help. Sometimes they just want to do things for themselves, by themselves. That pride can be a positive thing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to […]

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Moving On Minute 2-11-20: Time Limits

I don’t have time for that! That’s a good thing. It’s so much better than I’m too busy! Being too busy is negative mind-state. It implies you’re a victim of circumstances beyond control. However it doesn’t require much effort to find people getting the things done that the busy person cannot. Not having time may sound similar, but it’s […]

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Moving On Minute 1-19-20: Cultivating Calmness

When I was younger I always found myself quick to react. My eyesight blurred. Focus and clarity gave way to a range of different emotions. Whenever I became frustrated, envious, and even overly-excited, each became a blinding wave that crashed over me. I became unable to accept and process additional information or inputs from the […]

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Moving On Minute 12-29-19: Resolve to Never Make New Years Resolutions Again!

Let me start off with the compulsory Happy New Year! to everyone. Happy New Year! It’s my sincerest wish that 2020 and the next decade hold everything you aspire to and hope for. I hope more is coming your way than you could even wish for. Now that that’s out of the way it’s time for some […]

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Moving On Minute 11-3-19: Choose Positive & Choose Success

A positive mindset is the difference between a successful person and a victim. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably open-minded and it isn’t new news. Still, it’s  good to be reminded. And if you are a victim you’re probably ready to argue the point, blaming anyone and anything but yourself, for how much life […]

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Moving On Minute 9-29-19: Don’t Chase Life, Let It Come To You!

Greed and want are themes previously addressed here at Moving On Upwards. (¹, ², ³) For a moment, consider the benefits of minimalism and decreasing expenditures, as well as the value of relationships and experiences over material items. The universe has an interesting way of balancing the scales. Often those who want less, and those who are […]

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Moving On Minute 9-16-19: Don’t Leave Angry!

Everyone has experienced bitter partings. Sometimes disagreements and disappointment can lead to resentment or other negative feelings. These emotions are so strong that we want to throw up our hands and walk away, or hang up on the other person. Don’t do it. Don’t ever leave a conversation angry. It’s natural to become frustrated. Once […]

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Moving On Minute 8-25-19: Impulsive Urges: Don’t Control Them, Direct Them

Some people say, “You have to take the good with the bad.“ The way our impulses and urges work confirms this statement. Sometime I feel an urge to eat a handful of cookies or chocolates. Other times I feel a similar impulse to go get in an intense workout. Oftentimes the two are not interdependent. I […]

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Moving On Minute 8-4-19: Calibration

People seek out ways to improve themselves. They create changes in their habits and routines with hopes of becoming better versions of themselves When doing so, it’s equally important to evaluate those changes to ensure that they are producing the best possible results. That process is called calibration. Precision machines require calibration. Scales, lasers, and […]