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Moving On Minute 11-3-19: Choose Positive & Choose Success

A positive mindset is the difference between a successful person and a victim. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably open-minded and it isn’t new news. Still, it’s  good to be reminded. And if you are a victim you’re probably ready to argue the point, blaming anyone and anything but yourself, for how much life […]

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Moving On Minute 9-29-19: Don’t Chase Life, Let It Come To You!

Greed and want are themes previously addressed here at Moving On Upwards. (¹, ², ³) For a moment, consider the benefits of minimalism and decreasing expenditures, as well as the value of relationships and experiences over material items. The universe has an interesting way of balancing the scales. Often those who want less, and those who are […]

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Moving On Minute 9-16-19: Don’t Leave Angry!

Everyone has experienced bitter partings. Sometimes disagreements and disappointment can lead to resentment or other negative feelings. These emotions are so strong that we want to throw up our hands and walk away, or hang up on the other person. Don’t do it. Don’t ever leave a conversation angry. It’s natural to become frustrated. Once […]

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Moving On Minute 8-25-19: Impulsive Urges: Don’t Control Them, Direct Them

Some people say, “You have to take the good with the bad.“ The way our impulses and urges work confirms this statement. Sometime I feel an urge to eat a handful of cookies or chocolates. Other times I feel a similar impulse to go get in an intense workout. Oftentimes the two are not interdependent. I […]

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Moving On Minute 8-4-19: Calibration

People seek out ways to improve themselves. They create changes in their habits and routines with hopes of becoming better versions of themselves When doing so, it’s equally important to evaluate those changes to ensure that they are producing the best possible results. That process is called calibration. Precision machines require calibration. Scales, lasers, and […]

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Moving On Minute 7-14-19: My Network Gave Me Everything

It’s impossible to downplay what my network has done for me, and it goes far beyond professional networking. Assuredly, professional networking is important to one’s business and financial success. It may possibly be the most important skill any professional attains. Personally, I haven’t commenced working for an employer through the cold application process since I […]


A Letter From My Future Self

Recently, a friend and I were discussing the advice we’d give to our younger selves. I’d thought about this countless times before. Although this has been a recurring concept in my thoughts previously, in this particular moment I’ve decided how negative such thinking was. Considering what advice you’d give yourself in the past seems too full […]


Don’t Want Want

It’s an incredibly liberating to do away with want. Want sucks money directly out of our wallets, bank accounts, and the mattresses and coffee cans we hide it in. In modern times it’s too simple to say, “I want this!” Whether we’re looking at a large 4K television strategically placed at eye-level at Costco, especially […]

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Moving On Minute 4-5-19: Unwrapping My Birthday Present

Birthdays come every year. They are inevitable like trips around the sun and years passing by. At a very young age many people in the United States of America are conditioned to view birthdays as special days. We celebrate birthdays similarly to Christmas, except it is far more individualistic. Showering gifts and additional attention on […]


Moving On Minute

Moving On Upwards was created with the vision of making personal development and self-improvement accessible and fun. Who doesn’t like becoming a better version of themselves? However, much of the content available in the aspirational and inspirational landscape comes in excessively long-form. All too often, these drawn-out works include only a small percentage of substance. […]

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Assisting Others’ Change: Choosing How Much to Invest and When it’s Time to Stop

It’s common knowledge that to create change in life, one needs to want to change first. Nobody is going to be able to make anyone else change. It just doesn’t work. When someone resists change and continually put up barriers that prevent them from changing, then there is no point in even trying to help. […]

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Where Discipline is Born: How I Started Moving On Upwards

It’s common for people to start out their lives believing what will happen to them, and more importantly what they are capable of, is outside of their individual control. This fatalistic view of life leads to self-victimization. This paralyzing paradigm relies on luck and so much to go in a person’s favor that it becomes […]


The Scam Is

You get a job to get paid, but you gotta work lots of hours each day. Divide up those hours by how much you get paid. It’s not a lot by the hour. The fact is it’s a fraction after taxes. Still you’re there early and after hours; sometimes on your day off. They should […]

An Ambitious Ares: My Nano-Failure

I’m an ambitious Ares. Essentially that means I have tendencies built into my personality that I have to be cognizant of, or else those tendencies get me into trouble. Being an ambitious Ares means I exhibit a considerable amount of intensity as well as a desire to attain greatness and achievement. Inversely, that tremendous energy […]

Illusions and the Reluctant Messiah

Just yesterday I completed reading the novel Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach. It was an unusual but compelling story that makes for a fast fulfilling read. A fellow wanderer, who has been a confidant in my recent personal journeys, as well as a partner in my learnings, shared a story with […]

The Earth Remembers

It’s a tight window, This duration of time. Three thousand or so years since the expanse of civilization. The Earth remembers… The time before; The quiet time near forgotten. She longs for a period of silence And of rest and peace. The Earth wishes… For growth without sentience, For terrain lacking so-called intelligent fauna, So […]


I don’t know where I’m headed, but I walk ahead sure I’m going somewhere. I walk toward the light. Onward toward the sound of laughter and good spirits. I leave all the negativity in my wake. I cannot predict how my story ends, but when it does I hope my eulogy is delivered to the […]


A smile is the look of attraction. It is an action that needs practicing. A muscle that needs to be worked out. At a minimum, a smile will earn a smile back. It is disarming and charming. When not expected it can be weird or even alarming. I practice my smile and try to make […]

Friends with Benefits

Jim Rohn, famed American author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Think about that. If your five closest friends are bad at managing their finances, or their idea of what they should do every night is getting drunk, smoking weed, watching TV, […]


We travel down this path, tired, sore, but still moving on. I try to recall why we initially embarked on this journey, but my memory is unclear after so long. It may have just been our wanderlust. It may have been our curiosity to find we are truly capable of. The immensity of what lays […]


Finding Why

The “Why” is the common denominator that author, speaker, and thinker, Simon Sinek, has concluded separate most uber-successful businesses and leaders from their counterparts and contemporaries. Hence the concept Start With Why. However, “Why” is not enough. It was not enough for Martin Luther King Jr. It was not enough for Steve Jobs and Apple, […]