The Earth Remembers

It's a tight window, This duration of time. Three thousand or so years since the expanse of civilization. The Earth remembers… The time before; The quiet time near forgotten. She longs for a period of silence And of rest and peace. The…
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Moving On Minute 9-29-19: Don't Chase Life, Let It Come To You!

Greed and want are themes previously addressed here at Moving On Upwards. (¹, ², ³) For a moment, consider the benefits of minimalism and decreasing expenditures, as well as the value of relationships and experiences over material items. The…
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Moving On Minute 9-16-19: Don't Leave Angry!

Everyone has experienced bitter partings. Sometimes disagreements and disappointment can lead to resentment or other negative feelings. These emotions are so strong that we want to throw up our hands and walk away, or hang up on the other…
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Moving On Minute 8-25-19: Impulsive Urges: Don't Control Them, Direct Them

Some people say, "You have to take the good with the bad." The way our impulses and urges work confirms this statement. Sometime I feel an urge to eat a handful of cookies or chocolates. Other times I feel a similar impulse to go get…
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Moving On Minute 4-5-19: Unwrapping My Birthday Present

Birthdays come every year. They are inevitable like trips around the sun and years passing by. At a very young age many people in the United States of America are conditioned to view birthdays as special days. We celebrate birthdays similarly…
simplicity parenting
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Simplicity Parenting Reflections

Simplicity Parenting may not have stacked up in the category of best books I've ever read, but it was one of the the most important books I've consumed. It will be a long while before I read a book with a message that is as powerful and resonate. Simplicity…
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Moving On Minute: 3-27-19 Don't Overthink It!

How many thoughts go through our heads throughout the course of a day? It's a ridiculous amount. Could anyone possibly know what we're thinking about at any given time? Even with all the fancy technology available in today's world,…
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Moving On Minute 3-16-19: Communicating Love to Friends

  How often do you tell a friend that you love them? It's probably not often enough. There are those friends that we love tremendously, and yet the sentiment goes unspoken. The love I speak of is not the type one feels toward a a…

How Much Does The Thought Really Count?

It's the thought that counts. Is there another blatantly more misleading phrase in the English language? The phrase embodies the difference between saying and doing. If I want to help someone out, is it actually as important, or more…
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Assisting Others' Change: Choosing How Much to Invest and When it's Time to Stop

It's common knowledge that to create change in life, one needs to want to change first. Nobody is going to be able to make anyone else change. It just doesn't work. When someone resists change and continually put up barriers that prevent…

Why Read This? Here's 51% of the Reason.

A friend recently asked me what people get from reading my writing. I had to ponder this. I started listening to the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie shortly after hearing that question. In the early chapters…
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Habit Stacking / Don't Snooze

My alarm buzzed this morning at 5:52 am. I hit the snooze button knowing the back-up on my phone was set for seven minutes later. I drifted back to that light NREM sleep that doesn't really have any positive benefit for the body. It kind…

The Things I am Learning Volunteering

Children are strange little beings indeed. At their best they are smiling rays of light and life that uplift us in our darkest moments. At their worst they are snotty, obnoxious little people. Regardless of your general outlook on children,…
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Face First Into Fist (This Week's Colossal Failure)

I did it again. Failure seems to wait for it's chance to remind us that we are weak, slow, and dumb. It found me once again at my Kung Fu school last night. After our normal class ended and we bowed out I invited an old training partner…
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10 Reasons to Start Looking at Networking Positively

If you are the type of person who says, "Eww gross, networking..." then you probably won't read this article. If you already value your network, or if you are just building up your network from a small or malnourished one, then the title…
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Failure Habits Turned Into Successful Ones

Failing Upwards has been born and grown very organically. I originally set out to reinforce my writing habit and create a new habit of creative production and publication through these posts. My original intention was to produce fiction works.…
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Failure Makes for Progress

We've established that we want to be 9's striving to be 10's. It is impossible to never slip and fail or we'd already be the 10's we're striving to be. Perfection is an irresponsible and unattainable goal. You could spend the whole day doing…
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Making Babies (Creating Experience vs. Selling)

Selling is a part of nearly every occupation and business. My personal experience specifically is in retail and services. I have had tremendous success over the years learning skills and techniques in closing sales and building value. I would…
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The Interconnectivity of All Beings (or How You Met My Network)

Currently my career is in sales. I'm looking to transition back into management after an almost four year break. One of the tools I've placed into my tool-bag and forgot about from my decade of management was my network. Until recently I hadn't…
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Commitments to Myself

I commit to exhibiting high value behaviors and reducing low value behaviors in my life. I commit to surrounding myself with others who are high value in their actions and reducing interactions with those who are low value. I commit to adding…