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I commit to exhibiting high value behaviors and reducing low value behaviors in my life. I commit to surrounding myself with others who are high value in their actions and reducing interactions with those who are low value. I commit to adding value to the world.

I commit to being kind, good, and generous with no expectation of reciprocation. I commit to smiling at people that come into my personal space. I commit to an empathetic openness to others’ perspectives regardless of how different they are from my own. I commit to looking for positive ways to respond to negative interactions. I commit to watching my temper. I commit to telling the truth especially when a lie is easier. I commit to actively listening to others and not just waiting for my turn to speak while others are talking. I commit to thinking about what was said before I respond.

I commit myself to my family. I commit to being there for them even without them having to ask. I commit to telling my wife and daughter I love them every day and I will tell them why. I commit to having at least one conversation with each of them every day.  I commit to showing my wife emotional attention as well as physical. I commit to reaching out to my loved ones even if it’s been a long time and even if I feel I am always the one to make the effort. I commit to not holding onto negative feelings towards my family and friends.

I commit to creating good habits. I commit to learning languages and embracing cultural experiences. I commit to being creative. I commit to writing every day. I commit to continual physical discipline. I commit to physical exercise 3-5 times per week. I commit to a healthy diet and moderation in that which is “bad” for me.

I commit to not living to work. I commit to valuing my time and experiences at more than any company can compensate me for it. I commit to not judging my happiness by money or material possessions. I commit to redefining need and want in my life. I commit to reducing clutter in my spaces. I commit to consuming and wasting as little as possible.

I commit to loving myself and my planet.

Written 4-3-18

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