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I don’t know where I’m headed, but I walk ahead sure I’m going somewhere.

I walk toward the light.

Onward toward the sound of laughter and good spirits.

I leave all the negativity in my wake.

I cannot predict how my story ends, but when it does I hope my eulogy is delivered to the host of those I’ve touched.

Family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, clientele; all in attendance remembering me fondly.

I hope they’ll say I was positive, generous, fun, humorous, sharing, caring, and many other descriptives I aspire to be.

I hope that day is not sad.

I want it to be a celebration of life; the lives of those I encountered while still alive; of the friends long past and of the new life of the babies of all my people.

If I die today I promise I’ll have been satisfied.

I am young, but I’ve loved, I’ve traveled, I’ve competed, and I’ve engaged.

There is no need for sadness at my passing.

I take these steps in my journey with a full belly, heart, and soul.

I am grateful.

I live for, through, and with all of you; those I’ve known and loved.


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Spread the love