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A good morning routine is a ritual that sets a precedent for a spectacular day. It’s a must.

I feel that I’ve dialed in a “good morning routine” that really works. I wanted to share it so people could cherry pick elements that will help get themselves off to the best possible start each morning.

Here it is. Enjoy and happy picking.

sun rising

I wake up before six most mornings. This is a crucial first step in my good morning routine.

After brushing my teeth and splashing water on my face meditation comes next. That typically lasts between ten and sixteen minutes. Usually it takes place in the dark where I listen to guided meditations on YouTube. Sometimes I just sit and focus on my breathing.

Occasionally I’ll head into my backyard for my meditation. Out there I can watch and be a part of nature. Squirrels make strange noises and stare back at me. The cottonwood leaves dance in the breeze while I sit in the grass and ground.


Meditation is immediately followed by few sets of physical exercise. This allows my body to fully wake up and be prepared for whatever it will be called upon to do in that day.

Starting the day with this physical exertion is an especially important piece of my good morning routine. It’s impossible to know if I’ll be too busy to fit in a full workout later. In terms of exercise, I know something is better than nothing. This small act sets the tone for the day by achieving a small victory early.

After my sets I prep my espresso machine. While my little black gold producing box is warming and then pouring my shots I write in my daily journal.

composition book

I don’t write anything fancy or overwhelming. I simply ask myself three things: What am I grateful for?, What would make today great?and What are my daily affirmations? I then reflect and write down three answers to each of these questions.

In the process of journaling my coffee will be finished, but I won’t drink it yet. I let it cool for a bit and move on to making my bed provided my wife is up and awake. This starts the day with a tangible accomplishment. Actions such as these and the small victories I mentioned earlier create an air of positivity that I will carry throughout my day.

The final step in the my good morning routine is reviewing my daily schedule. My schedule allows me to set priorities for the day. It also serves as a reminder of the commitments I’ve made to myself as well as others.

Most of my good morning routine is on my task list each day. That way I achieve more of those small victories as I check off each task I’ve already completed.

morning routine

I use a cell phone app such as Trello or Evernote. Both are adequate, but even pen and paper will suffice, depending on your own taste.

By now my coffee is cool enough to sip. I pour it into a to-go mug and I’m ready to attack my day.

Whether I have to drop my daughter off at school, head into work or over to my martial arts class, or I just plan be at home, I have set myself on the path for a productive and successful day. By completing my good morning routine it becomes nearly impossible to have a bad day. In fact, most days after become very good days.

And it all starts with an organized morning.

good morning

I borrowed some of my morning habits from Tim Ferriss, an author and life hacker I have mentioned before. I also picked up the one about making my bed from The Jordan Harbinger Show podcast. Both Jordan and Tim’s works have been invaluable in my becoming a better, stronger, and most importantly, a happier person. Check out their work as well.

Do you have any ground-breaking, earth-shattering morning routines and rituals? If so please share them in the comments section below. I look forward to adding some of your tricks and tips to my own repertoire.

Until next time, start with a good morning and make it a great day!


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