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Why is it that people want so much?

People want bigger houses. They want stuff to fill their houses with. They desire an unnecessary abundance of food and clothing; much of which will spoil and inevitably get discarded as refuse.


People want luxuries. They’ll say they work hard and should be allowed nice things. They want larger and faster cars. They want expensive tropical and international vacations. They purchase and steal jewelry, technology, tools, trinkets, and media, as well as every thing available to them today.

Humans consume, with not so much as an afterthought to the repercussions. Packaging becomes waste. Natural resources like coal and petroleum are mined and then burned. Money, and worse yet, time are squandered in the quest to acquire all these necessities and unnecessities.

Everyone becomes spent, just like the currency required to get whatever it is they are buying and buying into.

People are like Pac-Man. They move forward, blissfully taking. Mindfulness is just out of each.


Instead, there’s greed.

Greed is a thought, or maybe it’s a feeling. Perhaps it’s an emotion, or a reaction. Maybe it’s none.

It’s the way of life for so many.

Want is a near-deity. It is a slow boil and then an explosive eruption. It’s corruption. Greed hides, small and quiet, but in plain sight, just on the periphery.

Avarice is the cancer of the soul, of relationships, communities, and peace. Greed is I want! before I can! or I will!

People want a ‘deal.’ They want it sweetened just enough to feel like it is better for them. To some, screwing others is collateral damage. To others it’s an added bonus. There is no ‘win-lose’ or ‘lose-win.’ Those are both just ‘lose-lose’, in a convenient and temporary disguise.

Greed is just a veil of easy lies. People need so much they are fooled into replacing the word want with need in their vernacular.


Deep down people know though. They can feel that want is not what they really want.

Love, health, connection, experience, interaction, perspective, wisdom, and feeling; these things are more real than any immaterial material object. These are what people pass up and by to queue up for acquisitions.

It’s so easy to forget all these beautiful best things. Those are what humans should be greedy for.

Maybe one day people will finally get it.

Then, they’ll realize they’ve already got it.



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