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This week marks the second anniversary of Moving On Upwards. Happy anniversary!

Now that that’s out of the way it’s time to reflect on these past two trips around the sun.

In some measures Moving On Upwards has been a success.

We’ve released over a hundred articles sharing key learnings, best practices, and tidbits born out of our failures and missteps. At the risk of embarrassment and judgement, we’ve brought levity and humor to situations where it could have been difficult to find any. Perhaps most uniquely and importantly, we’ve exposed our bloopers reel at a time where all anyone wants to share are highlights.

In other ways we haven’t done quite as well.

Moving On Upwards has received minimal external engagement. Perhaps it’s due to our not being knowledgeable enough about online article promotion. Maybe it’s just a statement of the effort we’ve invested in bridging that gap. Additionally, we haven’t made enough–or effective enough–calls to action.

It’s one thing to hear a relevant anecdote or sage advice, but putting those realizations and learnings into action is another entirely.


The primary goal in creating Moving On Upwards was to provide people with a platform to reframe failures and negative experiences into those that inspire and improve. We wanted to take some of the negative in the world and transform it into beneficial positives. Overall, our performance over the past two years has been solid, but there’s plenty room for improvement.

We still plan to accomplish our goal by sharing insights gained from experiences, but we will inspire others to contribute from their own stories and learnings as well. Here at Moving On Upwards it’s not about degrees, MDs, or PHDs. It’s about regular, common people picking up one another.

As we embark into our third year of operations we will approach the future with fresh, open eyes and ears. The domain renewal is paid. The writer’s block of the past couple weeks—a concept we’ve previously held as one manufactured by lazy creatives—has been laid to rest.


Moving on and moving upwards are actions all people need and want more of. We’ll be bringing exactly that for many more years to come.

Getting on and getting up doesn’t have to require a masters or a doctorate. A load of experience and money aren’t prerequisites either. On and up just require hunger, hard work, and positivity—three things that are free, yet easily neglected in favor of the day’s common distractions.

The future here at Moving On Upwards is bright. We’re going to do and be better about our opportunities mentioned earlier. We also plan to reinforce and showcase our strengths as well.

Any grand positive momentum starts with small affirmations. Without them the train never gets rolling out of the station. Why else would we write an article like this anniversary post?

Thanks for being with us for the last two years. Check back often to continue the journey as we all Move On Upwards together.


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