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I’ve been reflecting on parenting in this extended period at home with my child. Although there are certainly moments worth celebrating, I spend a lot time considering the many mistakes I make as well as the ways I can do and be a better father going forward.

Affirmations are powerful, or at least a powerful placebo. In either case I’ve decided to put into words the parent I’d like to be for my child. My hope in writing and publishing it is that it will create external accountability that can remind me to follow through. I want more than anything else in the world that my child become a better, smarter, stronger, and richer person than I am. After all, who doesn’t want that?



I will become the patient parent who listens intently to my child’s opinions and perspectives. They have such a big little point of view. There’s so much I will learn from them about myself and the world around us.

I will respond with love and kindness at all times; the best, the worst, and everything in between. I will nourish their mind and soul as well as their body. I will inspire them to become the best person they can be, and a much better person than me.

I will protect them from the rough edges of the world when I can. I will encourage strength and wisdom when I cannot. I will reach them without beating. I will teach them without preaching, resilience, tenderness, toughness and compassion.

I will raise an inquiring mind that knows the time and is never blind; one that has latitude and aptitude.

And if I do it right my lessons will live long after I’m gone.


This is dedicated to my amazing, incredible, and awesome kid as well as my wife who is far further along on the journey than I. I’d also like to shout-out my mom and dad. There were times I didn’t understand or agree with their parenting, but they did the best they could. By a few accounts I turned out okay.

And finally praises due to all essential worker parents out there. I see you trying to balance being expected to work longer hours than ever and still educate and motivate your children in the limited time off you have. There’s no more essential work than that.

Thanks for reading and sharing in this with me. Stay safe and healthy. . . And when in doubt love your kids more.

proud child

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