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Here’s how I see the person I am and am trying to be. I’m not sure what value it will have to others, but I decided to share it anyway. Perhaps it will inspire others to reflect on their own reflection. Just remember to keep it positive when you talk, write, and think about yourself.

I am a husband and a father,

A son, a brother, a nephew and an uncle.

A cousin and a friend.

I’m an employee and a coworker,

A trainee, a student, and a teacher.

ivy n me

I’m my own boss,

An entrepreneur that’s self-taught.

I’m a partner and an investor,

A manager and an advisor.

I’m hard-working and reliable,

I’m happy and grateful,

Sensitive and empathetic,

Quick to anger and just as quick to forgive.

I’m moody, but hard to read.

And oftentimes in my own world,

just my left leg

I’m an open book,

Extroverted, a communicator and an over-communicator.

I’m both organized and disorganized,

A reformed collector and a hoarder,

An entertainer, a presenter, and a storyteller.

I am on stage and in the crowd.

purple bowtie

I’m watching and listening,

Apt to follow or lead.

I’m honest and faithful.

I’m in an amazing network,

And many people’s biggest fan.

I am and always will be me.


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