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I know what you’re thinking. . .

Scientists are saying we should continue stay-at-home efforts until the fall at least. . .possibly into next year.

Or. . .

We should just open everything up to save the economy. Sure some people will die, but people die everyday.

blown mind

Your perspective is securely rooted. No amount of noise or additional information will sway you from that position.

If that’s the case you already know one of these:

In order to quell the spread of the virus and to prevent healthcare institutions from becoming overwhelmed, people must stay home and avoid contact with others. People need to wash their hands more and stop touching their faces. They must protect the elderly and sick.

Or. . .

The virus isn’t really as bad as the fake news is making it out to be. It’s no worse than the seasonal flu. That killed 34,200 people last year in the US (CDC) and between 290,000 and 650,000 in the world each year (WHO). It’s just something we need to live with and let run it’s course.

You can’t look at news, social media, or even a web browser without being bombarded with one of these perspectives. Some of what you find may strengthen the viewpoint you’ve already established. Some only serve to add to the overwhelming sense of confusion and anxiety you’re currently experiencing.


Some days I feel secure hunkered down in my home. I have food, room to exercise, and a means to generate a modest amount of income. I have my wife and daughter with me, so I never feel lonely. I have high speed internet, books and art supplies, so I never get bored. I have hobbies and tasks that keep my hyperactive sensibilities active at all times. My blessings are abundant, but they don’t prevent my mind from wandering into the darkness either.

Sometimes I think, what if Hannity and the right are right? I know they’re misguided and never base their views on anything more than what some guy said. But what if their some-guy is correct this time? What if an extended lock-down creates irreversible economic distress, and America and the world never recover from it? What if many of the industries that closed never bounce back? Will millions of people remain out of work indefinitely, including myself? What if this pandemic is just the natural order of things?


Our blatant disregard for our world may have caused the planet to naturally attempt to reclaim itself. Eight billion people living far beyond the tipping point, in terms of resource consumption and pollution, could never be sustainable forever. What if the social distance we created between ourselves before COVID-19 caused our current predicament?

What if the virus was created in some lab by industrialists looking to profit from the ensuing madness?. . .Or from the cure or vaccine they’re currently withholding? What if they plan to make a killing off of online sales in the interim? What if they are stakeholders in companies selling personal protective equipment, food, daily essential items, or the news we are consuming?

Or maybe it was really just some renegade terrorist who grew tired of the western world’s undying selfish and destructive way of life? Maybe they aspired to protest conflicts that the G8 and G20 nations profit off of while pretending they are policing the less fortunate of the world?. . .

Or maybe some Chinese Ozzy Osbourne really did start this whole thing by biting the head off a bat?


They saywhoever exactly they arethat criminals are always a few steps ahead of the good guys.

But who are the good guys? Are the dominant countries of the world, the ones that invade lesser, poorer nations in order to pillage resources and cause the deaths of millions, good?. . .The same nations who allow their corporate benefactors to dump millions of tons of waste into drinking water supplies and oceans?. . .Or who preform genocide on those who come into their country seeking a better life, but look or sound or pray a little different? I know what you’re thinking. . .

You don’t trust your government . . . Or China’s . . . Or Russia’s either. You don’t feel any better about the European or Middle Eastern leadership . . . Nor do you have faith in Canada’s or Mexico’s leaders.

You don’t trust the media and their left and/or right spin. . .Whose corporate owners and sponsors change their minds, stories, and facts based on who their friends are or what they’re hocking that day. You don’t trust celebrities or millionaires and billionaires, who while reclining in their posh palaces, wearing expensive designer clothing, tell those less fortunate that they are to #StayHomeSaveLives.

And perhaps least of all, you don’t trust your fellow man, whether it be your friends, family, or neighbors. They’re really all just strangers. Their judgement is clouded by biases and feelings just like your own. Yet they speak and post and protest as if their flavor-of-the-day viewpoint were based on fact.

You can’t count on any of them.


Currently everyone is formulating their opinion of what has to happen next. . .Or they’re digging their heels in on whatever perspective they currently hold and plan to not relent.

Either way they, and you and me, are basing our stances on what some other person said. Even if that person is Dr. Fauci, Donald Trump, your governor, or Sean Hannity. Even with their additional information and advisors, they really don’t know any more than you.

I know what you’re thinking right now. . .

We should all just stay home indefinitely. We can just wait and see how long our government will take care of things for us. Maybe they’ll even handle the upcoming election for us as well.

Or. . .

We should all just go out and co-mingle. We can meet at parties, concerts, religious gatherings, and conventions. We’ll cough, sneeze, and breath all over each other and just let natural selection take care of the rest. Everyone dies eventually anyway.

Either way, we’ll probably be fine as the virus runs its course. . Or we won’t and there’s nothing any of us can do about it anyway.

In the meantime, just think about it.


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