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Today is Mother’s Day. I spell Mother with a capital M. This is because the Mothers in our lives are magical people and they deserve so much more than one day to celebrate their sacrifices and dedication. I feel this because of the encouragement they have provided me and because of the way they make me feel good to be myself. The Moms in our lives nurture growth through sharing love and kindness and selflessness and empathy. They share their money and/or their spare bedroom and their car when we are in need.

They pick us up an awful lot. Sometimes it’s from the airport when we visit from out of town. They don’t get too mad when we ditch them to spend some time with the other people in our lives who put way less into our relationships than our Mothers ever will. Mothers pick us up when we fall and scrape a knee. Dads will tell us to walk it off and be tougher. Mom treats us like we are their baby and carries us into the house. They tell us everything will be okay and then they torture us with peroxide. They pick us up when the principal or police or unfortunately when the coroner calls and says they’ve got us. They handle the business when we are too sick or weak or sad. When we are too drunk to drive or depressed from losing a job or a lover they are there for us. They handle anything that needs handled especially when no one else can or will step up. They are the glue that holds us our families together.

One thing Moms never intentionally do is let us down. My Mom never did for me and I’ve never see my wife intentionally let my daughter down. I have not seen my wife’s Mom let her kids or grandkids down either. It just not something Mothers do.

I can rant forever about the high regard I hold for Mothers. I am blessed to have such amazing ones in my life. If anyone has a quarter of the amazing Moms in their life that I do then they can count themselves as loved and cared for and complete.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, Janet and my to my wife, Kodid. Happy Mother’s Day to Michele and Diane. Happy Mother’s Day to Bubbie and Grandma Andreula and Grandma Carse. I miss you guys so much. My life is less beautiful with you three gone. I will cherish our time together always.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms in my life. I cannot mention you all by name here, but I see you. Your efforts and self-sacrifice and love do not go unnoticed. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers I have not yet been blessed to make your acquaintance.

You Mothers are the reason we are here and have not yet blown up the planet. You heal us and set us up to be successful, well-adjusted human beings. You shape the world just by raising us, your children.

Additional Mother’s Day acknowledgements to Christa Schiesswohl and Dana Boyle who are both celebrating their first Mother’s Days.

Congratulations and Happy Mother’s Day to Stephanie Lauro. Stephanie just brought a beautiful baby boy into the world this past Friday.

And finally Happy Mother’s Day to Leann Faulkner . We all love you. You have so many sons and daughters who want you to know it and to be happy.


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