plugged in
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Take a peek at any wall ‘plug‘ within your line of sight.

Got one yet? Good.

Now go grab a flat tip screwdriver and remove the faceplate. Next disconnect the yoke from the plug and pull it out of the wall.


If you did it congratulations. Hopefully you turned the circuit breaker or switch off before you grabbed the sides of the receptacle. More than likely you said No way! Are you crazy?

Few out there see something like a wall plug and think I want to mess with thatEven less know what they’re doing when they do.

It’s the same with playing instruments like piano, drums, or turntables. It’s no different with advanced math, mechanics, or coding Frankly, everything you currently lack experience with; art, STEM, sports, anything.

If you don’t know this already I’m an apprentice electrician by day. I’ve only been at for a few months. It wasn’t that long ago that I was intimidated by the thought of taking apart a wall receptacle too.


I didn’t even know that the term plug didn’t describe the receptacle. A plug is the thing you put in the receptacle. I wasn’t aware the receptacle was considered a device either.

Yet after a handful of classes, some professional instruction from my master electrician, and reps on the job wall receptacles have become something I encounter regularly.

They’ve become no different than figuring out a twenty percent tip on a restaurant bill or a solid dishwashing technique. Each are only intimidating if you lack experience and the confidence that comes with it.


Just don’t stick the tip of your screwdriver in the recep. If you have that inclination you probably better off hiring a tradesperson to work on your sockets for you. And that’s okay, especially if you don’t have the time or interest in acquiring that particular new skill.

Your time has value greater than many skills. Sometimes improving your own area of expertise or in other ways that you will use more often will benefit you far greater.

Regardless with information gained and deliberate practice you will improve and become more comfortable.

So the next time you want to snowboard, write, or install a 100 amp subpanel in your home just remember none of it is that much different than what you’re currently fluent and competent at. They’re all just skills and require reps to master.

And if you’re willing to invest time and a little mental bandwidth you might not get zapped.


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