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Recently I’ve been catching myself being a jackass. I’m doing something I’ve always done, but only now am I realizing how arrogant it makes me look.

Whenever someone informs, shares, or directs me and I believe I already know what they are telling me I say, “I know.” I may know what the other person is saying, but more than likely, I just think I do.

I am starting to recognize the negative effects this response has. Saying I know is a way of shutting down. It informs others that I am impatient. I am unwilling to accept additional information on any subject. I know projects myself as a pompous know-it-all.


Through these simple words I let others know that what they are sharing with me has no value. The advice derived from their expertise and experiences is unwelcome. Those who cared enough to connect or correct will be far less likely to do so in the future.

As they have throughout my long lifetime, my I know‘s appear to me as harmless. Friends and coworkers may be mature and patient enough to overlook my foibles. Regardless, saying I know only does a good job showing that I really don’t know how to accept the generous gifts that others choose to bestow.

Thinking I know only proves I mess up and miss out on so much. From here on, I’ll try to keep my mouth shut and listen. I may even learn about what I don’t know.

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Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

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