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What happens when people are forced to wait?

There are those inevitable times when one finds themself sitting at the DMV, in the waiting room at the dentist office, or in line waiting for a stall to clear out at the car wash.

Many people think Oh jeez! or What the heck?!?…And maybe they don’t use those exact words…

mad mohawk

People see the line and sigh. They complain and become frustrated. Those waits are a blessing, though.

In modernity these delays present themselves as rare opportunities to slow down for a moment. They are the perfect and brief chances to call one’s mother or some other loved one, to write a journal entry, or to do anything else that needs to and wants to be done.

They’re also great times to just be. They’re space to breathe, to people watch, and to reflect on one’s existence. People spend too little time slowing down.


The time spent sitting in queue can become a temple for creation and execution. It can become the place where things happen, despite a somber disguise.

Accomplishment after accomplishment, task after task, the hold-ups are where the to-dos get done.

The wait can become worth it’s weight in gold. The time in line can be made divine and sublime.


Edited by the wonderful Kodid Laraque-Two Elk.

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