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Closed-minded people write karma off as some new age-y foofoo. They see those of us who believe in it as dumb snowflakes.

Yet, even when they’re intelligent, closed-minded people are indeed the dumb ones. Karma is real, and it is everywhere!

The poor as well as the good choices we make each play out in their own unique ways. They all come with their own negative and positive consequences, respectively.

When we do wrong by someone else, or by the world and our communities around us, some divine energy has its say. There is already an answer prepared for it. Inversely, when we do good and put love and positivity out into the universe we are rewarded for our kindness soon afterwards.

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The closed-minded folks call it coincidence; fate even. The rest of us know better.

The same power that enforces karma is in everything. It’s undefeated and its universal. It’s in you, in me, and it’s in the air all around us.

Negativity will always only breed negativity, just as positivity is the seed, the water, and the sunlight, that brings forth more positivity.

Unfortunately for the closed-minded, you cannot tell them that. They will not believe it. You cannot fill a full cup.

Fortunately for the rest of us, there’s always room for more love, kindness, and goodness in the world. There’s always fertile open space within us for more good karma.

Always remember, the glass is always only half full!


Happy Thanksgiving to all the wonderful readers that are Moving On Upwards with us.

We’re thankful for you.

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