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Feel the pull? I certainly do.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) on activities, events, a good Black Friday deal, socialization, or anything really. They keep tugging us away from where we are right now.

It’s a part of our societal programming, our inherent hyperactive envy.

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We can quiet that voice inside our head just like any other deviant thoughts. They’ll leave us alone.

It take practice and deliberate effort. We can overcome that pull.

Where we are currently is exactly where we’re supposed to be. We have to trust ourselves, our instincts, and our guts.

Yes, we should be at the gym, we should be learning something new, we should be supporting friends and family in need, but something deep inside places us right where we belong.

Even if that’s veggin’ out on couches or going for walks around our neighborhoods.

We shouldn’t beat ourselves down if what we are choosing to do doesn’t seem productive.

Rest, relaxation, and release all serve to clear the bandwidth we require to accomplish our goals and to provide maximum support to our communities.

Never apologize for caring for ourselves.

Where we’re at is exactly where we should be.


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