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A positive mindset is the difference between a successful person and a victim.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably open-minded and it isn’t new news. Still, it’s  good to be reminded.

And if you are a victim you’re probably ready to argue the point, blaming anyone and anything but yourself, for how much life sucks.

Both the victim and the successful may see the exact same experience, yet process them differently.

The victim sees the rain and thinks The rain makes me depressed or Damn. I forgot my umbrella.

Those destined for success consider how well their garden will fare with all the moisture. They may even say, At least I don’t have to wash my car.

It’s the difference between the lemons and the lemonade.


Perhaps some people are naturally inclined to the positive approach. Unfortunately, that’s not me.

I have to make a conscious, concerted effort to ignore that downer voice in my head, and look on the bright side. My brain responds to the slow driver in front of me by wanting to vomit up some foul language.

I have to stop myself mid-mother… and remind myself that there’s no reason to be in such a hurry. This slower pace just affords bonus time to listen to the current wonderful audio-book or podcast, or to have a lengthier conversation with a friend.

Moments such as these are hidden everywhere. They’re in plain sight every day. We’re best served seeking them out.

looking out

Disagreements with my wife or daughter can transform into opportunities to become a better listener; therefore a better partner and father. The moments when I cannot think of something to write about develop into the place where my imagination conceives the most unusual and wonderful things.

I could get pissed off and dig my heels in. I could also goof off and put my creative work off until another day.

I could complain, but nobody wants to hear it. I could focus on the negative, but what good does that do anyone?

What good would I be to others or my community?


To support my family and lifestyle I work a job in food service. At face value food service sucks…Yuck!

But I happen to like my job, and I know that’s all in the way I choose to look at things.

Yes, the days are long and the pay is just so-so. The job’s not glamorous. At times it can even be downright disgusting, but it’s still a blessing.

I work with fantastic people in amazing and strange locations. There’s cool and priceless perks, including unique interactions with celebrities.  Best of all, my job allows me to invest energy into my dream of becoming a full-time writer. It even celebrates my modest successes as they occur.


Each of us has the choice in how we respond to the things that happen to us. Each interaction, conflict, confrontation, and experience will put our mindset to the test.

As I tell my daughter, You can’t get mad at the rain. It just means it’s up to us how we respond to it.

Choose positivity. Personally I’m not successful every time, but I continue reminding myself of the person I want to be. A desire to respond with kindness and love is all it takes. It manifests in more happiness and blessings than one could ever expect from negativity.

Choose gratitude. In doing so, you’re choosing a path upwards towards success, instead of the one that ends in becoming a victim.

roman time piece

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

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