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Let me start off with the compulsory Happy New Year! to everyone.

Happy New Year!

It’s my sincerest wish that 2020 and the next decade hold everything you aspire to and hope for. I hope more is coming your way than you could even wish for.

Now that that’s out of the way it’s time for some real talk about 2020 and the incumbent decade upon us.

As is with the offset of every new year, pressure is abound to come up with some monumental New Year resolutions.

Many among us will set lofty goals in the realms of self-improvement, reduction, abstinence, and production. These important changes and adjustments are much needed in our lives. However, choosing New Years as the moment to begin, or referring to them as New Year’s resolutions, are just recipes for failure.

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Right about now you’re probably asking yourself, Does he really know what he’s talking about? Here’s a reality check just to make sure:

How did your resolutions for 2019 pan out? Do you even remember them?

How about your resolutions from 2018? Or any year before that?

That’s what I thought. . .

New Year resolutions are dumb.

If you really wanted to quit or change something and, more importantly, if you were going to, you just would. Period, end of story.

You would just make it happen by exercising some will-power and crush up that last cigarette pack, or dump your stash of liquor. You would force yourself to go right past the gas stations, convenience stores, liquor stores, and supermarket courtesy counters instead of giving in to your addictions.

You would display enough discipline for the requisite three weeks, or twenty-one days, while the habit of not doing whatever bad thing you do replaces the deadly or negative habits you are living with now.


This goes for controlled and illegal substance abuses, porn and video game addictions, overspending, and any other vices. The same can be said for improving your fitness and losing weight, practicing gratitude and kindness, becoming responsible with finances, and any other opportunities for self-improvement and development you desire.

News Years resolutions get broken. It’s just what happens. They don’t seem to ever resolve anything.

Of course there are the occasional exceptions, but they are just that, exceptions.

Don’t wait for January 1st and the start of another trip around the sun to change the trajectory of your life. Instead, start December 31st or January 2nd, or even better, today. And don’t call your intended corrections and improvements resolutions.

Resolutions are only as good as hopes and wishes. They are only ever as valuable as the work you’ll put into them.

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Here’s a final thought for the transition into 2020 and the next decade. Optimism and planning are integral in the creation of your successes, but don’t let the change of another calendar year define anything.

Last year wasn’t good or bad just because it was 2019. The same goes for the 2010’s or any time-frame you choose to assign significance to.

The times were only the way they were because of your hard work, or your slacking and procrastination. They took the form they did because of your good or bad decisions and taking the right or wrong chances and risks.

There certainly was a bit of luck and some uncontrollable circumstance involved, but the year and the decade had nothing to do with your results.

Make better choices. Work harder and smarter. Do these and every day, month, year, and decade can do nothing but improve.

In the end you can still say it was a great year, but it’s only that way because you willed it, and made it so.

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Written by John Andreula

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

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