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Put the phone down!

There I said it.

How much time do you spend on your cell-phone each day?

An hour? That’s unlikely isn’t it?

Is two hours or four more realistic?


It’s time to remember the separation between the real world and the virtual one on our phone screens.

When on a cellular device people do not engage with others around them. This may be with strangers in public, with acquaintances at work or at school, or even worse, with friends or with our families.

When our eyes, ears, mouths, and fingertips are engaged in our cell-phones they cannot be fully be engaged anywhere else. Not only do we look like closed-off self-centered a-holes when we are glued to our mobile screens, but it’s also dangerous to ourselves and others.

Incidences of cancer, car accidents, and even pedestrian injury can be directly correlated to distractions resultant from mobile phone usage. Who can forget all those Pokemon™ Go stories?


Technology makes it easier to do almost everything. . .

Except connect with the people we are with.

I’m not claiming sainthood. I’m just as guilty as that inevitable guy sitting across the room ignoring the rest of the world.

At times I disregard the people closest to me in favor of scrolling social media feeds. I am even occasionally drawn to text messages while driving.

This article is not me presiding in judgement. It’s mere suggestion, that if considered may lead to a better, more enjoyable society.

The next time we’re in crowded places noticing everyone else is paying attention to their phone screens we should do the opposite and engage with those we’re with.

So put the phone down. . .or away. . .or better yet leave it at home. . .and be all-in with those courteous enough to spend their time with us.

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Written by John Andreula

Instagram: JohnAndreulaWritesStuff

Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

Instagram: Leyla.Kodid

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