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I hate to break the news.

You don’t know anything!

The good news is that’s a good thing.

The faster we acknowledge this fact, the more proficient we’ll become at learning and improving ourselves.

Unless, of course, we are satisfied with our current level of knowledge and expertise.

It that’s the case, then go ahead and stay exactly where you are at. I just hope you enjoy that incessant feeling of your head pushing against the ceiling.


People who talk when others are talking cannot listen, learn, or gain insights.

People who assume fail to recognize the infinite number of alternative perspectives that exist outside of their own.

And people who think they know everything are usually the biggest idiots of them all.

I used to fall into all three of these categories. Unfortunately, I still do sometimes.


Constantly and consistently reminding ourselves of how little we actually know on the grand scale of any given subject allows us to remain open to growth; especially in those areas in which we believe we are already apt and proficient.

It’s as if we are all containers that hold knowledge. Once we think we are full, we will not be able to accept or carry any additional information.

The less full we believe we are, the more capacity we will have to take on and hold additional knowledge.

Reject the idea that you already know. There is so much more to learn and gain.

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Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk


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