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I’ve understood the inherent force that is positivity for a long time now. Relentless optimism, generosity, smiling; they all carry such tremendous weight.

Unfortunately I’ve been spending too much time lately giving in to the dark side and negativity.

It’s because of this I decided to write this week’s Moving On Minute. I wanted to share my understanding of the benefits of positivity with others, as well as remind myself of something I’ve been forgetting recently.

As I said, I’ve spent more time than I care to admit dwelling in bad vibes over the last months. I’ve been reading too much bad news (COVID, Trump, Ahmaud Arbery, etc. . .). I’ve also been negatively engaging others on Nextdoor and Facebook. These practices have rewarded me with a negative disposition, unnecessary stress, strain on my relationships, and discord at home.

When I separate myself from these types of stimuli and mindfully dedicate myself to positivity, the inverse becomes almost instantaneously apparent.

good vibes

While focusing on the positive I feel better physically and emotionally. My body becomes healthier and more resilient. My relations become better and stronger. Opportunities present themselves in way I fail to notice when I dwell in darkness.

Staying positive is so much more rewarding than the alternative, especially in crazy times such as these.

Positivity is a conscious practice. It takes effort. At times it can be very trying and difficult, but it’s definitely worth it.

I always have the choice how to respond. It’s on me. As I remember that, I tend to make the right choice more.

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