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I can still remember back when people were social beings.

People used to greet strangers with a handshake or a pound. Maybe there was a hug if they got close or felt a connection. People didn’t feel weird around their families, or about going to visit friends.

There used to be backyard barbecues and swimming pools opening Memorial Day weekend. Concerts where people stood so close they rubbed elbows and booties while they danced. Back then vacations and trips were planned and embarked on.

My how things have changed. . .

But no matter how difficult, stressful, or strange these new times have become there’s great perspective to be had when I consider the children, like my daughter.

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How would I have reacted when I was eight or nine years old and someone told me I couldn’t play with my friends anymore? Or I wouldn’t be able to make new ones? Or that summer as I knew it had been cancelled?

It’s quite the head trip really. Luckily my daughter is more wise, patient, and flexible than I believe I would have been.

As I reflect on this hopefully temporary, new way of the world I can’t just focus how things were. I must also remember how the changes affect me. The stresses, strain, and uncertainty, and I’m not the only one dealing with it.

I’ve got to remember to be more like my child, and enjoy all that I have as well as all the people still in my life that are important to me.

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