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Visualize, for a moment, all the clothing you own but never wear. . .

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Some of it is deep within your closet. More still is buried inside your dresser drawers or in some plastic bins in the garage or attic.

After you’re through reading this I challenge you to treat yourself to a fashion show. Go ahead. Try it all on.


Any clothing articles that are outrageously over-sized or you just hate how they look on you, sell, donate, or burn. Free yourself. Unburden the clutter!

It’s okay to keep some of the clothes that are too small. It may go a long way into incentivizing positive lifestyle and fitness changes, as well as a weight loss goal in the future.

Give another look to the remainder of that forgotten collection. . .


Nobody’s going anywhere special right now anyway thanks to COVID-19. Weddings, graduations, clubs—who even remembers all the occasions we all used to get dolled up for? Social gatherings like those have gone the way of the dodo bird.

And even if you’re blessed with the opportunity to attend a socially distant and civically responsible gathering, they’re few and far between.

That being said, now’s the ideal time to bust out all those oldie goodies that are laying in wait.


Pleated pants? No problem. Plaid skirts and shorts? Yes please.

Remember that white graphic t-shirt you bought and wore once and then it got a weird stain on it; regardless of how many times you sprayed it with stain remover and washed it, the stain never came out? You just couldn’t part with it…

Mismatched socks? That braided belt that used to be black but is now kind of reddish-brown? Those old boots with the soles ground down to nothing? You get the idea.

I propose making this strange time we’re living in an opportunity to shake things up in our wardrobes. And limiting our daily outfit selections to the above and their ilk will result in multiple benefits.

jacket and shorts

Foremost, nostalgia. Rediscover forgotten favorites. There’s a shirt in the closet you purchased at a concert decades ago. Wearing it will likely invoke lost memories of that crazy night or your youth long past.

Maybe it’s not a concert tee for you. Maybe it’s a team jersey or some other swag that used to be beloved.

Next, why wear down your good clothes now? There’s no need to destroy current favorites and best pieces and outfits. You’re just going to be cleaning, gardening, or doing some other mundane household chore in a bit anyway. Why ruin the good stuff?

You may need your best pieces again some day in the far distant future, so for now just stay in clothes you’re willing to snag on a branch or get bubbling tomato sauce on.

Finally, it’s time to let some of that old stuff go. You’re probably not the same person you were when you bought that weed leaf jacket or those breakaway basketball pants, but some other toker or baller will give that gear another life you won’t.


Unless you have to be on vid-chat with clients or you’re on TV, nobody cares what you’re wearing.

I know the work-at-home “experts” are telling everyone dressing for success has beneficial effects on mood and psychology. To them I say only a weak-minded person allows their mind-state to be controlled by what they’re wearing.

It’s time to fall back in love with all the clothing you’ve squirreled away and never wear anymore. And failing that, you may learn you’ve got less to over-stuff your cabinets and closet with when the seasons change. Either way it’s a win-win!

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