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Bad habits are difficult to break. Negative programming even more so.

Our worst vices call out. They attempt to tempt us. They pull us into being that person we’ve been working so hard not to be.

Sometimes we give in. . .Sometimes we allow poor choices and addictions to win the moment.

This doesn’t make us bad people. It’s just a sign that we are—and always will be—less than perfect.

Accepting fault in ourselves is the only possible way to overcome it. In those moments understanding that we are less than allows us emerge as more.


Recognizing as we give in to bad temptation and experiencing the negative feedback accompanying it is crucial.

If we never experience the feeling of I shouldn’t be doing this (or eating or saying this) then we have no hope of overcoming the vices that we want to rid ourselves of.

We each discover things and activities that make us feel better and distract us during times of stress, conflict, and negative input. Oftentimes these things are not good for us. They’re not any better for those close to us or society as a whole.

Drinking, smoking, porn, and drugs are just some examples. Personally I have learned a lot from my own experiences with the wall

When I have one drink I inevitably want another. I’ll want another after that as well.

I don’t drink because I like the taste—like many other people are so apt to tell you—I really just want the buzz of inebriation.

Even though I aware of alcohol’s pull on me and its ability to tee me up for bad decisions, I still want it. Despite the cost it has in my life, I feel the liquor store calling to me as I drive past each on what seems like every fourth street on my way to or from anywhere.

I still want that cerveza while on break working outside during a hot day. I still think about how good a margarita would be with my meal.

liquor store

Experiencing these urges doesn’t make me a bad person. Recognizing and resisting them are necessary steps in my becoming a better one.

So don’t beat yourself up when you slip and fall back into negative habits you’ve worked to move beyond. It happens to mostly everyone. Instead catch yourself doing it.

Remind yourself how much more you gain from resisting urges then you do from giving into the pull of that cookie, cigarette, or shot in the short term.

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