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Whether in hopes of getting stronger, richer, more fit, or in the quest to become a better person, everyone wants a shortcut or a magic elixir.

While there is no pill or hack that lets people circumvent the process and work necessary in leveling up, there is a guaranteed method to make oneself a better and more complete human being.

It’s following through on what you say you’ll do.


If this sounds simple, it is, but at the same time following through on the commitments you make can be incredibly difficult. Doing what you say you’ll do requires presence of mind. It calls for a strong sense of conscience. It also requires effort many aren’t willing to put forth.

It’s much easier to say you’ll do something than it is to remember you have to, and then follow through on it to the end. Ironically, most people you’ll speak with think they already do what they say they’ll do, but do they?

It’s so easy to give a promise of support, or a commitment to connect more often, or to offer a helping hand. But people get busy. Distractions are abundant. Or stress can rear its ugly head and force those same good-intentioned folks onto the couch for many nights of television binging.

Naturally, all those things they said they’ll do fall by the wayside.

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On the flip, making a way of life of following through on commitments benefits each of us in so many ways.

Say you promise a loved one that you’ll spend more time with them and then make good on that promise. Not only will you benefit from the time spent reinforcing a valued relationship, but you’ll also give pleasure and support to your relation as well.

You’ll show them their value to you, as well as exemplifying that they can count on you to make good on your promises. Best of all, you get to experience that dopamine hit when you did what you said you would in lieu of that cortisol release at the failure of not following through.

It’s win after win after win.


Doing what you say you’ll do starts with the action of consciously holding on to the memory of your commitments.

After a few repetitions it becomes an ongoing positive habit. Finally, it becomes the person you are, and a way of life.

I remind myself early and often that I have to, and I will, do what I said I would. It reduces the time I spend procrastinating. It helps me recognize correct choices. And it increases my productivity as well as the value I bring to my relationships, both personal and professional.

My self-esteem increases and I feel better than I did when I slacked off and ignored my commitments and promises.

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Becoming a better, stronger, richer, and more fit person isn’t achieved by drinking a magic potion or attending a three thousand dollar weekend seminar. It begins with the simplest of actions.

It starts with a mantra. You need to repeat it to yourself whenever you make a commitment and you’re deciding how to proceed. Here it is:

I will do what I said I’ll do.

This simple sentence will improve your life, your relationships, and the world as a whole.


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