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Earlier this week I set out to create a Moving On Minute centered on celebrating the many blessings each of us find in our lives. Indeed, we are all blessed.

But, as the words appeared in their near final form on the screen in front of me, my resolve dwindled. The focus of the piece veered into the many people who suffer far more than us.

Vanessa GuillenElder Fernandes. Breonna TaylorGeorge Floyd; each lost their lives in recent months needlessly.

None will ever have the ability to count their blessings again, so what right do we have?

dead soldiers

As I stared at my work, a somber veil fell over my eyes. I had written no matter how bad anyone has it there’s always someone who has it worse. But it wasn’t true.

No one could say that to Vanessa or Breonna, so it couldn’t be.

While we obliviously ponder blessings, children are being sold into sex trafficking right here in the US. In the time it takes to type this article two people will be murdered. In the time it takes to read it someone will get raped.

The deaths and statistics only punctuate how broken our world is, yet here I am enjoying the benefits of my privilege.


Our blessings should never be a source of pain. They should be a light that shines through darkness, a strength when it’s needed most.

Blessings should be celebrated. They should be shared with others in the community and with all those we care for.

The only way to become worthy of the gifts that are our blessings is to not allow them to waste in selfish pursuits. We must become selfless. We have to make the most of our blessings by bringing as many other people along with us as we can.

We have to move on upwards and reach out a hand to lift others as well.


2020 has sucked for mostly everyone. There’s no doubt. But it’s certainly been far worse for some people and communities than others.

Our lives are far from perfect. We are far from perfect. Still, we are indeed blessed.

We’ll only become even more so if we help others as we’ve been helped, if we share as others have shared with us, if we stand for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

We may have to sacrifice some of what we’ve accumulated to do it, but what we gain will outweigh the value of what we’ve given by far.

time pieces

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