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Depression, fear, and anger are all emotions that have become synonymous with our times.

Anxiety seeps into daily lives. Divisive aggression is rising like a tide as Americans approach yet another election.

Each of us is either directly or indirectly impacted by a reduction of work, a dwindling of retirement and personal savings, and erratic accessibility to everyday goods and services.

We even have to wear masks when we go out into public. . .

There’s no quick-fix panacea to solve our societal ulcers. But there are means of making current events and the new abnormal more palatable. The best method is to be adventurous and try new things.


As we’re stuck at home playing it safe, travel becomes out of the question. Social gatherings and public events are cancelled indefinitely or we skip them because they should be. Even our daily diet becomes as monotone as the day’s news coverage.

It’s time to try something new.

We get down, thinking about what should have been with the vacation we had to forego this summer. Why don’t we look for another way to scratch the traveling itch by watching a film or reading a book about a country or continent we’ve haven’t visited but have been curious about?

When we start feeling lonely from the lack of contact with family and friends we can set up an online hangout. It’s simple to invite our favorite people to play games like Cards Against Humanity or Fortnite regardless of any of our skill level. If games aren’t our thing we can just turn on the webcams and chill virtually as we do everyday tasks like preparing meals or folding laundry.


It’s on us to change it up.

There will be times when it feels like we’re eating the same meals over and over. That’s when we should look up new recipes and attempt to prepare something exotic or gourmet. We might burn the meal. It might taste like hot garbage, but there’s always takeout from that local restaurant we haven’t tried yet as well.

It’s extraordinary what there is to discover right under our noses. There are strange places and exciting things in our home towns that we’ve never seen or even heard of. Who knows, we may even discover a fantastic new us.

Certainly, we might fail. We might also have wonderful and profound experiences along the way. We may even find a new calling. It’s worth the chances we take on ourselves.

We can’t do it without trying something new.


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