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Everyone has experienced bitter partings.

Sometimes disagreements and disappointment can lead to resentment or other negative feelings. These emotions are so strong that we want to throw up our hands and walk away, or hang up on the other person.

Don’t do it. Don’t ever leave a conversation angry.


It’s natural to become frustrated. Once in a while we even cross that emotional threshold into anger. In those instances we never consider that this interaction may be the last one we will ever have with the person.

Tragedy can, and does, occur. That loved one we just hung up on could come down with an unexpected terminal illness. It’s possible we could even end up losing our own lives.

Think back to those times when we’ve lost a loved one. We wish we could have told them something more, or something else, before they passed on.


As we recall those emotions it’s also beneficial to reflect on how our friends and family would feel if they were to lose us. If we’re lucky, we all will get to enjoy each others’ presence for extensive lifetimes to come.

Just remembering our value to others, and their value to us, serves as phenomenal self-affirmation. This recollection also serves to remind us of what’s truly important, and how we should treat one another.

Eventually luck runs short. Someone takes ill. Tragedy befalls. Our ending is one of life’s inevitabilities. Taking this universal truth into account in all our interactions helps allow us to respond to others from a position of love, compassion, and respect.

Love birds

No one is perfect. At times everyone yells, lashes out, or blows up. We all are guilty on occasion. Anyone may leave an interaction angry.

When this happens we ought to do our best to course correct as quickly as possible. Reminding ourselves what the other person means to us, and reflecting on the person we are trying to be, should give pause in those tense interactions.

We can make our wrongs right; sometimes after the fact, even better if we do it in the moment. We can clearly communicate our perspective to the other person. We can ask questions to better understand theirs. Once we listen and understand one another we’ll avert unnecessary confusion and negativity.

In doing this we can leave our connections and conversations feeling and showing love. Thus allowing us to create a better world and personal network for everyone.


(Rest in peace to my dear Uncle Nick. You inspired this piece, as well as me as a person. You are loved and missed. I’ll see you on the other side sometime.)

Uncle Nicky

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