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In contemplating the decision of whether or not to create something, or to take action, one must weigh the options.

The first option is always inaction.

It’s much easier to blow off inspiration than it is to act on it.

It’s far simpler to ignore a commitment one previously made to themself than to do what they said they would.

But anyone can do nothing.

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A dilemma appears before any venture is undertaken. Distractions are abundant.

Is their laundry or dishes to be done? How does the lawn look? Does it need to be raked, mowed, and weeded?

Is there something somewhat important, but far less urgent, that requires the attention?


Tired? Is it time for a rest or a nap?

Hungry? How about a meal or a snack?

Perhaps it’s just time to lay back and kick it? There’s always TV, video games, or books to distract from the task or decision at hand.

There are infinite reasons not to do what needs to be done.


What about the negative consequences of inaction?

Letting oneself down is a major consequence.

Action may mean temporary discomfort, but without that discomfort there can be no growth or improvement.

Another consequence is letting down those who rely on the creation or action for their inspiration and entertainment.

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Making the first choice is invariably easier, but the benefits are short lived.

The negative consequences involved in avoidance continue to compound.

Slackers inevitably regret their inaction and indecision.


The second option is to do the damn thing!

This option requires brain power and effort.

It takes prioritizing and sacrifice.

But, the internal and external rewards are countless.


It’s time to just do it.

It’s time to choose the hard now over the much more difficult later.

I didn’t want to fly back to the land of my ancestors to deal with the death of my uncle.

Yet I chose that over the emotions involved in not being present for my cousins, father, uncles, and aunts.


There’s always humor to be found in the ease that any task or decision procrastinated is completed.

Regardless how inflated the idea of the effort becomes, or of the perceived pain involved, everything ends up far less difficult and completed faster than the imagination conceives prior.

It’s all just mental and emotional build-up.


Becoming more aware of this clears a path for execution and success.

Be relieved with the results of action, in lieu of being distressed over the perception artificially generated beforehand.


This article was edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk.

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