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Greed and want are themes previously addressed here at Moving On Upwards. (¹²³)

For a moment, consider the benefits of minimalism and decreasing expenditures, as well as the value of relationships and experiences over material items.


The universe has an interesting way of balancing the scales.

Often those who want less, and those who are the most generous, seem to receive the most.

A man can bring home material gifts to his family, but what they want more than anything else is his presence and attention. Any man who learns this will be rewarded with relationships and memories that outweigh any legacy he can hope to achieve on his own.

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Greed, envy, and lust are all emotions that trick people into desiring the things that truly do not matter. Anything attained with these will be tarnished. What happens when something is received after being greedy for it?

Interactions without considering what we can gain from others will become higher quality. That’s real presence. Every moment can become a gift, or our present.

Things we want have a funny way of finding their way toward us when we stop chasing. If we can fend off impulsive desires, true abundance can be attained. And if we strive to be our best selves, and to give instead of take, we will receive more than we could have ever wanted.

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Edited by Kodid Laraque-Two Elk

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