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Moving On Upwards was created with the vision of making personal development and self-improvement accessible and fun. Who doesn’t like becoming a better version of themselves?

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However, much of the content available in the aspirational and inspirational landscape comes in excessively long-form.

All too often, these drawn-out works include only a small percentage of substance. The content includes an excess of filler words, as well as anecdotes that may only loosely emphasize the intended point of the creator’s intention.

The indicated message that the creator is communicating can essentially be conveyed in a fraction of the words. In other words, there’s a lot of fluff.

At times, I find myself overly verbose while writing. Frequently I’ll set pen to paper or my index fingers pecking away at my keyboard. Oftimes, my simple thought grows beyond the originally planned duration.


I set out to create brief written pieces about concepts or thoughts I believe others may value, but quickly they grow out of control.

That is why I’m rolling out a new segment at Moving On Upwards. It’s called the Moving On Minute.

As the title implies, I’m designing concise pieces to be both functional as well as entertaining. My plan is to communicate useful tidbits and hacks that will not take more than a minute or two to read and digest.

In addition to giving my audience what they truly want and need, minus the excess, I hope to create positive constraints on my writing. Communicating more while writing less will certainly be an enjoyable challenge.

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