face in the mirror
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At times I become lost.

I ask myself What’s the point of it all?

During those times I want to just take a nap, or play some mindless video game.

I wish I could then just fade away and disappear.

But that’s just my bipolar demon returning once again to remind me that he will inevitably have my soul.

He’s always around the corner, lurking, just out of sight.

He’s waiting for me at the end of each day, like some abandoned infatuated lover.


I work on my mind, body, and soul.

I grow, climb, and become stronger.

All of this just to learn that I’m still weak, lazy, and less-than.

Pretending I don’t see my demon in these dark rooms, I continue to press onward and upwards.

So when he sees me slip and seizes me, as he always does, my one step back will be matched by what amounts to a mountain of big steps forward.

My bipolar demon may reside inside, but I can kind of keep him in line.


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