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Upon completing my reading of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle I felt victorious. It was an incredibly deep and personal read. The Power of Now is the best non-fiction book I have read. I sincerely hope its teachings stay with me for the rest of my life. I believe its contents will assist me in continuing to better my life and the ways I think and process. I feel blessed that I was recommended the book and will do so for others in the future.

The Power of Now connected directly with my mind and heart. My psyche, emotions, and deep psychology were all affected positively. During some sections I felt like a spectator listening to a profound profit. I knew this was because the book is filled with many concepts derived from eastern philosophy. These are accessible matters of inner-peace and transcendence that anyone can gain from today.

The book also included new perspectives on western religions that I previously missed in my education and upbringing. This was due to my shutting down to any conversations on these religions’ philosophies. I was coming from a perspective of my own self-programming and denial of those religions holding any value to me. This was based on western religions’ suffocating ways of controlling their followers’ beliefs and minds despite their obvious flaws and ill intentions today and throughout history.

At times I felt Eckhart Tolle was speaking directly to me. I felt the idea that my thoughts can be hindrances to processing complex emotions or my current situation was relevant and necessary for my own self-development. Tolle speaks of how the stressing the past and worrying about the future prevents us from taking action in the present. He also related this to much of what ails our society today. He refers to it as insanity, and I agree with him.

The Power of Now was a difficult and complex reading. I needed to reread many sentences, paragraphs, and pages. Sometimes this was due to my being uncertain and unwilling to see past the seemingly new-age delivery of Tolle’s ideas and wording. This seemed evident only in the early chapters of the book.

Other times I needed to reread to check and clarify my understandings of what I had just consumed. At those times my brain felt like a container designed to hold liquid and it was overflowing. I just needed to take a break to pause and reflect on the book’s concepts before diving back in.

Due to the read, and subsequently what I gained from it, I am trying to incorporate the concepts and exercises in my own life. I am making a consistent effort to observe my thoughts instead of acting on them. This results in less judgement of others as well as myself. It is allowing me to minimize the conflict I create with those I connect with. I am also feeling more certain with the actions I take, including those times I determine surrender is the correct course.

This book assisted me with processing the pain and concurrent emotions of a severe toothache. I’ve also had a few new experiences addressing fear from a unique and novel perspective as a result..

While reading I thought of specific family members and friends who could utilize the concepts from the book to assist them in improving their own life situations. I felt deep love toward them. I thought of other family, friends, and mentors who I perceive as emotionally and spiritually successful. I’d love to recommend the book to them, so we could discuss what is within. I feel that it will help us connect on an even higher level than we do right now. I felt more love through this as well.

I would like to recommend The Power of Now to anyone who will read or hear my recommendation and welcome it. There is much to gain for anyone who is ready to take control of their minds, intentions, and energies. The book is good for those who want to move beyond conflict, anger, and negativity. Those folks are in the same camp I am.

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