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We travel down this path, tired, sore, but still moving on.

I try to recall why we initially embarked on this journey, but my memory is unclear after so long. It may have just been our wanderlust. It may have been our curiosity to find we are truly capable of.

mtn start

The immensity of what lays ahead was obvious from the start of our journey. It all seemed like it would be easy from so far away. Our perception of the difficulty was a gross underestimation. That was months, maybe years, ago. The trail is so much steeper and more perilous. It is less obvious and much slower.

Our goal seems closer, but not by much. The summit of this fourteener we transcend plays tricks on my mind.

We are still well provisioned. We have enough food to eat and water to drink. Additionally neither is scarce on the lush trails we travel. When the weather is good we camp out in meadows, underneath the stars. There’s plenty of brush and fallen trees to build a fire from. We can cook and feel warm at night

When the weather is harsh, we overcome and proceed on. Tents are staked under tall trees for shelter from the snow and rain. We still build fires, but like anything worth doing when it’s needed, the task becomes much harder. Yet it also makes the accomplishment that much sweeter.

mtn snow

Sometimes we grow tired. Sometimes we get sick or become injured. Sometimes our minds and emotions fight us harder than the elements. We persevere.

We fight amongst ourselves at times. We lose sight of our common goals, and of our love and the bonds we have forged with one another. The bonds that are born from the shared experiences of our journey, as well as the tribulations and the victories we have seen together.

We change tremendously. I feel the changes are for the better. We seem stronger, wiser, more empathetic, and more resilient than ever. I see us all maturing as well. Perhaps I am fooling myself and I just hope so.

My companions get so mad at me sometimes. We all have moments of such intense frustrations. I wonder if they will abandon me during my moments of weakness. I wonder if they will push ahead without me. I wonder if they will quit and turn back when they have these moments of their own. I will not let them. I will try to push them forward. I will carry them on my back if necessary.

mtn hike

We have to be closer to our destination, but it is so hard to tell. There is a mist that keeps our goal in haze. I think and I breathe. I look around to take in my surroundings and to steady my resolve. In my heart I am still certain that this is all worth it. The pain, the frustration, and the resistance all seem so inconsequential compared to the feeling of victory that awaits us.

We have gained so much already. We will never go back. We will keep on even if the destination can never be reached. No matter how much further away it appears. The journey has been worth it. In the end this journey may be more important than the goal we strive to attain.

mtn sitting

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  • Manu Adams says:

    Nice…let us keep moving forward