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A smile is the look of attraction. It is an action that needs practicing.

A muscle that needs to be worked out. At a minimum, a smile will earn a smile back.

It is disarming and charming. When not expected it can be weird or even alarming.

I practice my smile and try to make it my style.

I try it out on cashiers and clerks. They give me discounts and perks.

I test it on friends who know I’m being what they know I am…strange. They still have love.

I shoot a smile at a pretty girl and she smiles back. Quick, look away because I am married and have nothing to say. That’s okay. I hope I made her day.

Smiling feels awkward in practice because people don’t do it nearly enough.

Too much stress. It weighs our face down into a frown. Faces wrinkled all around.

People should try to smile and smile more until smiling becomes a habit that is hard to ignore. Others will want more.

Sure, here, have another.

ja smile

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