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You get a job to get paid, but you gotta work lots of hours each day.

Divide up those hours by how much you get paid. It’s not a lot by the hour. The fact is it’s a fraction after taxes.

Still you’re there early and after hours; sometimes on your day off.

They should just lay off, but you have debt you need to pay off.

Got some knowledge at college, but what else did you get? Tuition, books, room and board, and lots and lots of debt.

But you can still get credit cards, and then more credit cards. The interest rates are super-high. Debt to income is interesting.

In school they didn’t teach balancing a check book. It wasn’t the best look for their tests and text books.

Look! You need to get a car to get you from home to school and then to your job. Just a hard credit check and you get the loan for that car.

So you got a dope car on the way to a college degree and a job you’re not loving and you’ve got another thing.

Twenty to thirty G’s in D-E-B-T, owed to credit card companies and banks that can’t tank because they’re too big to fail.

They’ll get the bail out, but you won’t get a bail-out if you’re about to fail out.

You gotta work more. You gotta make more cake. Up late and early to bake.

No time to sleep; no time for exercise with a body you despise, but you put on a hell of a disguise for those work guys.

You try and you try until your seventy-five, or until you die.

We all have to keep up with Jones. We play the game of thrones.

We want to buy the homes. For that we get another loan.

Even with our twenty to fifty grand in debt we can still get five percent on a two hundred thousand get.

All with a job that pays thirty-five thousand. That’s lousy math, if you even learned to add as a lad, but you probably add bad.

So sad. Predatory lending’s what we have. Another piece of the scam.

Continuing to peel back the layers and expose the real players. The cast of characters; some minor, some major.

They’re all guilty of bad behavior. The Joneses, the neighbors, when you get a Weber they get the Traeger.

Want can be your slaver.

Break the chains. Quench those flames.

Don’t worry about having the same because it’s insane.

You can learn from my mistakes and your mistakes and all the others’ mistakes.

Make better choices. Want less and live simply.

Refine what in your life provides you value.

Take time to find what’s outside that you don’t need to buy.

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