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If could you do little things that could potentially save lives, would you?

At a glance it sounds like a silly question. Of course you would. . . At least, that’s what we tell ourselves. Most people consider themselves inherently good people. They believe they would act heroically if the opportunity presented itself.

Yet, many choose to be selfish instead of selfless.  Even with minimal sacrifice and cost, personal ideologies, political leanings and self-interests prevent them from becoming a hero to others. Psychosis, sociopathy and narcissism drive their decision making processes.

Instead of becoming the heroes they’d like to be, they stand closer to the villain end of the scale.


Doing, without regard for self, is the stuff of heroes.

Altruism, chivalry, willingness to accept discomfort and pain so others don’t have to, that’s what defines heroism.

It’s what we all should aspire to. Unfortunately many among us don’t and won’t. . .

Currently we’re beyond an average of two thousand Americans dying each day from COVID-19. Over two hundred thousand are still contracting the virus, even though there’s so much more information available than there was just a few months ago when those same stats were far less.

For reasons beyond my mental capacity people are still asking, What does that have to do with me? When reminded of government issued, science backed mandates they respond by proclaiming It’s all just a hoax., It’s just the flu.or It’s not the law.

Some of these misinformed, misled people are our family members and friends. It might even be you.

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I want to tell these people, Wear a mask, psycho!, but that won’t change minds. Approaching our disconnect from the same hateful, selfish perspective that they hold won’t improve anything. It won’t positively affect the current pandemic and predicament we’re all in together.

I won’t become a hero that way!

Instead I’ll plea with them. Protect my mother-in-law. She was recently diagnosed with cancer and wants to fight. I’ll mention my boss’s 94-year old mother-in-law. She is one of the lucky few residing in assisted living that is allowed to leave her home. Both deserve their own freedoms and rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to be honored like the rest of ours. And all doing so requires is a little caring and effort on our ends.

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If people need to pray about COVID, pray. Just do it in a socially distant way. If it has to be in a place of worship, do it in a mask.

If they need more science and studies about the efficacy of masks and hand washing, the information is out there and available. We just have to be willing look a little bit further than FOX News and our own algorithm manipulated social media feeds.

And if you really believe that nothing anyone does matters, make the sacrifices anyway. . .please. Deep down I know you’re not the sociopath you’re appearing to be. Just like everyone else, you’d like to be a hero, and you really can be.

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