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Many people are confused about the new world we are entering into. Many more are afraid and are being misled.

Pictures show armed protesters at capital buildings across the country. Footage can be seen of healthcare workers embattled with them as well as government employees donning bullet-proof vests.

Locally, many are scoffing social distancing and mask recommendations. The American vice president was even seen visiting the Mayo Clinic at the end of April refusing to wear a mask, in total disregard for the safety others.

Those protesting restrictions and ignoring recommendations are the same people who received stimulus payouts. They may have been furloughed temporarily, or laid off, but currently are receiving unemployment benefits equal to or greater than what they were receiving in wages before the pandemic.

Aside from feeling uncertain about their economic futures, what sacrifices have they made? What are they really missing out on besides not being able to gather at churches, parties, concerts, and other social gatherings for the time being?


Medical workers, grocery store employees, and delivery drivers certainly have it rough right now. King Soopers employees currently receive a $2 per hour “Heroes Bonus,” but that’s set to expire soon.

These essential workers are nervously busting their asses to ensure we all at home can have meals and munchies. And they’re not even receiving as much pay as many of us at home in our pajamas sheltering in place.

Truckers, transit employees, warehouse and factory workers are expected to continue their business as usual, while having their health and well-being neglected by executives, shareholders, and government representatives who are being generously compensated without taking on any risk themselves. These same “leaders” value keeping plants open before protecting human lives.

Those little people still at work are making real sacrifices right now. We’ve yet to hear any of them complaining publicly about the inequity that they are facing, despite not benefiting like those of us on government-mandated extended vacations.


Regarding how to proceed societally in the post-pandemic world, no one knows what the right answer is.

What I do know for sure is that I’m saving money on gasoline as well as the aggravation and time spent driving and being stuck in traffic. As a result of the stimulus money and additional federal unemployment payouts I’ve been able to pay off all my debt aside from my mortgage. I’ve even saved twenty percent on three months automobile insurance.

I’m not squandering money eating out, or on dumb shit in general. Instead I’m spending more time with my immediate family and I’m learning how to appreciate it more. I’m also learning to communicate better with them and my extended family around the world as well.

Each day and evening I’m being treated to creatives and musicians performing live on social media and across the internet. It’s something I hope will continue long after the stay-at-home restrictions are lifted.

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DJ D-Nice‘s #ClubQuarantine Instagram session

Sure it’s sad that I am unable to travel right now. And it’s disappointing that I cannot work for the time being.

Maybe disappointment isn’t the right word. I’m probably more worried about the uncertainty of not having a date set for a return of my industry.

Unemployment will run out eventually and I don’t have a lot of faith that the government will provide another bailout benefiting the lower and middle class. But for now I’m not hurting. If anything, I’m doing as well as I can ever remember.

Life is good right now. The bills are paid. My family has food. Thankfully none of my people have gotten seriously ill or significantly detrimentally affected by the virus and its subsequent economic shutdown.

I am concerned about the future and what the virus and our bumbling leaders have in store for the world, but I’m not half as worried about COVID-19 as I am about pollution, carcinogens, EMF exposure, and global warming.

So right now I’ve got nothing to complain about in regards to pandemic restrictions, and frankly, none of those others you see protesting do either.

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