swinging mask
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What am I afraid of?

Am I afraid of a virus that I don’t understand, or truly know anything about?

A virus, that should I contract, inhale, or ingest, may suck to have, but likely won’t kill me?

A virus I’ll pass on to my wife and child, but they’ll probably survive it too?

filthy sick

Am I afraid of probabilities, of volatility and instability?

Am I afraid of total lock-down passed down from the top down

By leaders that don’t believe in science, but want complete compliance?

A candid speak calamity of institutional insanity

Riots , looter, shooters and the whole public panicking


Am I afraid of the door knob, or the moron who coughed on the door knob?

Am I afraid of the pestilence or the president’s petulance?

Or am I afraid of being brave, and letting all my fear wash away. . .

For twenty seconds. . .

With soap and water. . .

And a towel to turn of the faucet.


Written by John Andreula 3-20-20

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